Evolving a Feather By Shuffling Parts


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You may remember that earlier in the thread I too offered some reading.

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Thankyou very much
I have read it.

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Actually, I was being terse because I didn’t notice you weren’t scd, so I interpreted your questions as creationist attempted gotcha questions, not real ones.

To be brief, fish scales and reptile scales have nothing to do with each other. Fish scales are actually bones. Reptile scales are purely skin structures. They evolved in early amniotes and are retained in many of their descendants, including birds and mammals. Many mammals, rats for example, have scaled tails.


so you are saying that an electric organ can function with only about1-2 genes? and the evidence for this is?..


if its true it should be easy to show how a complex system evolved step by step with explanation at the genetic level.

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So you are saying that geese commonly fly to the moon to breed? How can you support such a claim?

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I am not a protein expert. I don’t carry these anecdotes around with me. But there are plenty of examples of an evolutionary feature being mysteriously manifested in a species without any obvious reason for it.

And then 10 months or 10 years later, the reason is discovered. The stories of science are filled with these discoveries.