Evolving Gene-Regulatory Networks

That’s shallow and not mechanistic.

The two conformations of troponin have very different structures and have different functions.

Whom are you thanking, Guy?

Sorry, no. I can conceive of very silly fantasy mechanisms and I would contend that those are the only ones that fit your scenario.

Yeah, that’s how I see it.

That’s because you are not hearing what I said about the papers illustrating an analogy, not being a specific pathway.

So what is the specific pathway? Unless you can actually provide at least a little detail, you have nothing other than “something changed behavior, and it might be heritable or maybe not”.


Nobody ever knows for sure who @Guy_Coe is talking to. Apparently his android works poorly, or he just can’t remember.

Ironically, this is why I almost always identify for whom I’m intending my post by “quoting” at least a word or two from an existing post. That way I get to look at the name the quote cites… and it reminds me who got me riled up again …

He was thanking me.

Space viruses, pace Hoyle and Wickramasinghe.