Ex-Muslims of North America Booted From Starbucks

Ex-muslim atheists flyering and engaging with muslims at a muslim conference. Jerry Coyne is impressed. Proselytizing atheists. Interesting.

I agree, it is brave. It is still a very puzzling image, especially considering how much atheists can be offended by proselytizing directed the other way. What is there to make of that?

The ex-muslims of NA are an interesting group. I wouldn’t say that they are atheists as they are apostates from Islam who are regularly ostracized by their communities and families. In America, they get persecuted mostly by American Christians who think that they are fanatical Muslims. A few years ago, even a bakery wouldn’t make a cake for them and FFRF had to step in.

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I’m confused. That can’t be right. Why do Christians think they are fanatical muslims. They are clearly evangelistic atheists.

They only describe themselves as ex-Muslims which is a capital offense in 40 countries. They are more political than religious. A large portion wants to marry non-Muslims so I don’t think labeling them all atheist is quite right. To many Christians, an ex-Muslim is still a Muslim who may be a terrorist. Ask a Jewish atheist if they still get anti-Semitic discrimination.

I’m still having a very hard time believing this. Can you link to some evidence? Anything? People do crazy things, but this seems to be silly.

As the saying goes: there are protestant atheists and there are catholic atheists. These are muslim atheists.

The discrimination is more about their culture (and perhaps their race) than it is about their religion.

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That article has nothing to do with this:

Who are the Christians persecuting these ex-Muslims? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.

Exactly. I know many atheist Jews who are discriminated against. And many ex-Muslims from many countries who are discriminated against. In my community there are many highly educated, mild manner Sikhs who I am friends with. Most of the time we laugh about how white Christians and Catholics nearly universally associates them with radical Islam.

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