Fact-checking the Book of Amos: There was a huge quake in eighth century B.C.E



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Fascinating. For those who do not have a subscription to Haaretz, you can read the entire article in the webcache at this alternative address:


The name of the major Israeli newspaper, HAARETZ (“the land”) is the same word as found in Genesis 1 and in the Noahic Flood pericope. As I’ve mentioned many times in this forum, Bible readers should not casually assume that “the earth” in older English Bible translations is referring to planet earth. Fortunately, many modern English Bible translations translate HAARETZ as “the land” instead of “the earth”. (Unfortunately, some publishers find that departure from the KJV’s “the earth” potentially disturbing to more traditional Bible readers. They fear lost sales. Thus, some translations use “the earth” in the main text throughout the Book of Genesis but always include a translation footprint at the bottom of the page mentioning the alternate rendering: “or the land.”)

Also, the official name of the country of Israel is ERETZ YISRAEL. In English, that can be translated as either “Land of Israel” or “Nation of Israel.” Even the most literal-reading-oriented Young Earth Creationists do not translate ERETZ YISRAEL as “Planet Earth of Israel” or “World of Israel”!


I actually came upon this by accident. Amos holds one of my favorite verses in OT (Amos 5: 21-24 as written in NIV) so I was just investigating something and stumbled on this.

And, oh boy, I’m sorry, I completely forgot about subscription.

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I’ve often wondered how Google gets by with penetrating paywalls and revealing the content to the public. Perhaps HAARETZ (and many other copyright holders) allow webcache displays of their proprietary material on a selective basis or only in some countries outside of their usual subscriber population. I don’t know.

For ethical reasons, I generally avoid posting links to webcaches if I think it is likely to harm the copyright holder. In this case, HAARETZ may have decided that the Google webcache provides a kind of “preview” for potential subscribes. (After all, reading from the webcache is often less than convenient and some website functions and sublinks will fail to operate.)

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