'Father of DNA' James Watson Makes Racist Comments

Just the latest in his long, “being a horse’s ass” career phase…


I found this article to be ugly offensive. its just a left wing smear job. “old man in decline” “nations secrets”.
First of all almost evrrybody believes these days genes affect intelligence. evolutionism is based in a rising intelligence in humans relative to primates. In fact weighing brain sizes determines intelligence in evolutionism.
most evolutionists believe its a option that races/sexes have different intelligence innate abilities.
Now creationists do not. i do not because i believe we are souls created in Gods image…
Our intelligence is not related to the material world except the use of memory.
so its impossible for any identity , innately, to be more intelligent then others.
HOWEVER i see it as reasonable, moral, for mankind to think optherwise. its historic and nobody can say they are wrong just because they say so. They can not say its ugly, bigoted, and all these absurd condemnations.
Darwin said this and that about women and race and identity etc. no one would beny him his rewards of a statue in the british museum.
Taking away these "honours’ is saying he never got the honours for a particular accomplishment in science. its saying one must agree with a left wing dictate on conclusions in other subjects. maybe he voted non Democrat eh.
In fact its these clowns who lose credibility. Watson will win about free scientific thought. he is about genes and if he can’t opine on race/IQ/sex/smarts then nobody can.
This is dictatorship and illegal punishment for free thought and speech.
Yes its offensive to be called dumber innately.
However its not important and fair comment.
Its not true but if he had said white, wasp, protestant men were genetically , possibly, dumber THERE WOULD BE NO COMPLAINT AND GREAT LAUGHTER.
Evolutionism alone started the claim of intelligence being in brains(not the soul) and so evolving.
Now they attack a fellow evolutionist who only says what is often said in science circles these days.
IS the author of the article saying ITS NOT TRUE, PROVEN, that intelligence is influenced by race/sex??
That this is settled and immoral and punishable if anyone disagrees??
ITS NOT TRUE but its not immoral and these clowns have no authority to dictate to anyone. They get their money from our free nations. they are to obey with freedom.
Watson and Crick, not that woman by the way, did a historic accomplishment that makes them one of the few scientists known and , in my case, known for getting a Nobel prize.
This is why they will be remembered and the IQ stuff is ordinary difference of opinion and will not be seen as important.
Its funny to see a result of evolutionism bumping into the left wing that supports it.
I think all scientists and the common people should support Watsons and everyones right to think for themselves and not suffer punishment for thoughts.
I don’t think, by the way, FELLOW CREATIONISTS, should take advantage of this to embarrass evolutionism. I see some do with cases like this. We need freedom of thought more then any!!
Agree/disagree but its an order to STOP TELLING MANKIND what is right and wrong about matters of science.

And what about Steve King? Do you think this is wrong also?

Can someone tell me what he said?

It’s something ignorant, that much I gathered, but who is he supporting?

But in an interview with The Times published last week, Mr. King said: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?”

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Very interesting comment from @Robert_Byers. It seems there are some things more important than resisting evolution. Not sure what to make of this.


That post should be enshrined somewhere so that future generations can understand what our times were like.

How many “evolutionists” have you asked about this? Of those you have conversed with, how many believe it? I suspect you are making up this statement out of your own imagination.


I am not making it up. I fOREVER discovered its considered a fact that intelligence, amongst modern people, is a result of genes and thus genes lead to a different genetic result in smarts.
In fact once in a dioscussion with a pro evolutionist I made the point that left wing ethnic concepts had helped defeat ideas about intelligence being based on evolving genes in segregated populations. WELL I was corrected by ample proof that nobody in acedemia believe intelligence was separate from genes and that there was a equality. Somehow many get arounf race/sex but many say that too. it was very disappointing.
In fact any reference to intelligence will include about the idea of differences based on genes and its not REJECTED out of hand or at all.
In fact recently on another blog PANDAS THUMB (evolutionist) they mostly endorsed smarts/genes as a fact of evolution for people. short of race/sex but a whiff is always about.
I remember a book called the BELL CURVE that brought the issue up.
this idea of race/sex/individuals intelligence being based on genes i have passed for years and i’m not interested in the subject. the opposition to it is from a liberal left wing establishment, some public opinion, but ts not rejected by the evolution/other subjects professionals.
I know creationists do bring up the issue about what eVOLUTIONISTS said on it in the past, near past, and present.
Just google or wiki race/genes and I’m sure it will be full of stuff by professional studies. some reject but some support.
By the way i do think creationists can bring the issue up to demonstrate error in evolutionist presumptions but not to merely embarrass or bring punishment/prohibition of the subject.
Walk a line in a important and sensitive matter.

Intelligence is a multigene phenotype. We wouldn’t expect to see correlation between multiple intelligence genes and alleles for skin color. It is that correlation that James Watson never evidenced, nor has anyone else ever evidenced. Caucasians are all descended from relatively recent African populations, and African populations have the most diverse genomes. The only thing that we can conclude about the statements James Watson has given is that they are based solely on his unfounded opinions (i.e. bigotry).

  1. Part of Watson’s demise was not merely his claim of any link between race and intelligence, but due to his unfounded use of such claims to promote derogatory steorotypes (ex. comparing black and white employees). Many defending the controversial former comments from some “left-wing” attack are ignoring the completely undefensible latter comments.

  2. As to the former comments, it seems plausible that there may not necessarily be absolutely zero correlation, but the magnitude of the Flynn effect alone (across all races) proves that any such correlation must be completely negligible.


Oh no there you go again. Attacking character and motives.
Watson is the biggest gene scientist alive today. his ideas are based on genes and evolutionary theory.
genes and colour are irrelevant. he would say its genes and segregated populations.
They are completely founded on the entire evolution presumption behind the evolving intelligence of humans relative to other p[rimates(as they term it).
Watson and heaps of evolutionists would say why would human intelligence of reached a ceiling? why can’t it evolve, with new mutations, and this been going on since humans left some original single tribe.
INDEED there is nothing in evolutionary theory to say humans didn’t evolve smarts, continue to evolve smarts(as science fiction teaches) and this is based on mutations moving through populations and so same populations having been segregated in the past for long periods of time EQUALS a option/fact /likely that there is a genetic difference in humans identities.
Thats what evolutionists do talk about and Watson moves in circles where he is confident its fully accepted as a option or a settled fact. its a left wing types that sincerely/or pretend they know nothing about these things.
Its not creationist ideas but its hilarious to see them fighting each other.
Watson is more of the victim but his ideas are wrong.
i started watching some youtubes on him. he also says genes are behind morality etc and this also leads to a innate inequality. Evolutionists do always talk about this.

A answer to Watson should be wHERE in the genes is the soul? if genes are the source for intelligence and morality then it means the soul has been dismissed as the source for these two.
Yet if the soul exists it would not show up in the genes.
A Creationist Christian point to help .

Hardly. Watson seems to have contributed little since the 1970’s. Someone like Eric Lander is certainly a “bigger gene scientist” alive today.


Which alleles related to intelligence have been segregated between white and black populations?

Well your right. He has stupid ideas on these matters but no more then most evolutionists on human intelligence and genes.
I insist that anyone who pays marginal attention to these matters KNOWS they go on and on about smarts coming from genes and that persons, race, sex, are all controled by these things or influenced to a degree.
Watson says no more then regular folks saying HE/SHE git the genes from their parents for this skill or that habit.
I remember many SIMPSON episodes where genes affecting intelligence was the storyline. Especially one about Lisa thinking she was dumbing down. Then later learned the dumb genes were on the male side.
My point is that famous cartoons push gene/smart conclusions always and everywhere.
It truly is that Watso speaks frankly/logically/scientifically about what everyone, non creationists I mean, thinks is a option or a fact.
Human intelligence is from genes and its not a equal score.
Not my idea but it is a majority in North America unfortunately. Thanks to evolutionism.
Then when a Gene expert states the common conclusion and stresses winners/losers he is attacked in his morals and intellect.
What a left wing fraud.
Okay its hurtful to blacks etc but its illogical if they say it in presumptions and general observations.
It seems like they want gene segregation in intelligence but on their terms.
If I said in Toronto intelligence between people was NOT Based on genes I would be in a minority.
i live amongst non white/european peoples mostly.
Everybody sees inherited genes as relevant to their intelligence and then , a lesser percenatage, relative to race/ethnicity and sex.
Watson being attacked and not defended by acedemia is a false cowardly responce to a left wing establishment and interest groups.
Yes creationists and christians can be amused at the chaos of evolutionisms lines of reasoning bumping into other lines of reasoning. yes we could, justly, make gain from this.
Yet in a powerful, moral and intellectual alternative. Not cheap embarrassment points.

No one is arguing that genetics does not play some role in intelligence. In fact, a study published in 2018 hypothesizes over 500 genes related in some way to intelligence.

The reason Watson is vilified is that he continues to assert (without basis) that race is also a prominent factor in determining intelligence. This has absolutely nothing to do with left or right political persuasion.


I don’t know if I have a large enough grain of salt for your post.

It would make sense that you learned about science through the Simpsons.


… That’s what everyone “on the left wing” says (albeit more articulately). It’s undeniable that genes are tied to intelligence to some extent, but there’s little evidence to suggest that these alleles also segregate along ethnic boundaries.

Really? Is that your position based on analysing all the available evidence, or just your dogmatic belief based on some kind of obscure interpretation of the bible?

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