'Father of DNA' James Watson Makes Racist Comments

I can’t remember which one but I clearly remember one church father talking about how soul cannot be comprehended by psyche. Thus, human psyche and soul are separate entities, even in the early church days. So, your theological position that intelligence comes from soul is indefensible, from the bible and from the tradition.

And what’s with the whole left wing sh*t?

I agree that the concept of race is a nebulous one. I also think that Watson’s comments about people of African descent are over the top, and poorly argued. I am, however, intrigued by claims that high East Asian IQ scores (compared to those of Caucasians) may have a genetic basis. I would like to hear a biologist’s take on the following articles, with reference to East Asian IQ scores.

IQ and socioeconomic status: The Asian Exception; or, Asians are smart even when they’re poor

Can genes explain racial and gender IQ gaps?


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The problem with IQ tests is that they can be improved with practice and would bias people that had experience in that type of problem solving. Kanji character matching may provide some practice for the type of questions on IQ tests. Other nurture factors may come into play for other groups that scored better. While the data is interesting it is far from conclusive that the issue is genetic. Looks like Watson was shooting from the hip.

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That is exactly right @colewd. These distinctions end up being more determined by environment and idiosyncrasies of IQ testing than genetics. Yes there will be genetic markers for IQ but most are just markers for culture, not connected in any mechanistic way to biological mental capacity.

In the case of Asians, there is also a selective effect. For social reasons, higher class and more intelligent Asians tend to immigrate to the US (or appear in science conference) so this skews our perception of the full distribution of Asians we would see without this selection.

Does this seem odd?

Let me preface: I am not a biologist. My biochemist colleague made fun of me yesterday for having to think what an amino acid looks like. I took a genetics class about 18 years ago but it didn’t stick that well.

I would think there would somehow be better genetic “linkage” between biology and intelligence. I know intelligence is a fuzzy word, but you’d think that with all the development of mental capacity from species to species that there would be some progression within species. Is it a time scale issue? Over the course of tens-to-hundreds of thousands of years there is increased intelligence, but on the time scales of a few hundred years there’s no observable difference?

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Let’s talk about it over the next couple days, and maybe you and report back your impressions then.

Again. is this a joke or a serious banning of some thought/conclusion.
what could it pOsSiBiLy be ??
Did I hit a nerve of truth??

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