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It started off OK, but them slid off in the direction of “Jesus wept.”

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Urk, indeed. This is what falling for the ID strategy hook and line, but no sinker, looks like. ID wants to pretend it is legitimate. This appeals to people who see themselves as “fair-minded,” and who therefore react to a sharp argument by assuming that both sides must have some good points. In the case of ID, that is a critical error.


That’s pretty funny. Wells trying to redefine “science” so it includes any supernatural woo that suits his fancy. :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, are we playing the “Lewontin” drinking game here? Wells just gave us another shot. :smile:

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Before we can trumpet the right position on the evolution controversy



Yes. Ken Ham often proudly proclaims in interviews, “We’re not against science. In fact, we LOVE science!”

Science has no enemies, except perhaps the atheists who distort what science is in order to co-opt it for their ideology.

What this always means is that when atheists ask for any putative evidence that God has intervened in the evolutionary process (and that without this evidence, belief that he has is unscientific), this is “atheists coopting science for their ideology”.

Not believing things without scientific evidence for them is “atheist ideology”. That’s what they always mean by that.

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“It’s just that science has to start with the correct conclusions and work backwards to the Bible.”. That’s a paraphrase from some of Ham’s followers.


What you believe about the past determines how you interpret the evidence. For example, if you believe that billions of years of random chance and death yielded out the universe, you’ll date fossils at millions of years old. But if you start with God’s Word, you know that most fossils were laid down when God judged the world in the worldwide flood just over 4,500 years ago.

I always wonder why you don’t know that the world is a box with a flat floor and a ceiling with the stars embedded in it.

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That’s a quote from AIG

Yes that was clear. It’s just that it makes zero logical sense. Is there anyone who believes that “billions of years of random chance and death yielded the universe”?