First human ancestors breastfed for longer than contemporary relatives

As an amateur with no special training on these topics, I have always assumed that mammalian species with larger brains need more fatty acids (e.g., omega-3) for longer periods of early development—and that that would require prolonged milk consumption (unless they have the advantage of some fatty acid rich food source in their environment which is readily available to the young.) So I guess I just assumed that early Homo sapiens breastfed longer than other primate species.

So is this article just a confirmation of my assumption or is there more that I’m missing here?

Meanwhile, I’ve always found it fascinating that Homo sapiens females naturally tend to store reserves of fatty acids which are approximately sufficient (from what I’ve read) to build the brain of a new human, even if the pregnancy occurs during a time of famine. (I got this notion from science journalism for the masses so I hope that it is well supported by the peer-reviewed literature.)