Flat Earthers Also Sound Convincing

This is a great video for contrasting UTMOST BELIEF vs. ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE…

Flat Earthers RULE? … alone.

… then … just watch this:

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It is just amazing. Haven’t they looked at the inner planets and seen that they have phases like the moon. Why would Mercury and Venus be round but the next planet is flat? The moon is 50 miles across?! Then it must be very close to the earth but then why does it take as long as it does for radio and laser signals to go from the earth to the moon and back? You can look at the brighter moons as they orbit Jupiter. Again, it is the earth that is flat?

Some other easy things - you can see and track satellites. Something you could not fake (I know flat earthers love conspiracies) is the doppler shift of a radio signal from a low earth orbiting satellite. And the doppler shift will be different at the same time to observers who are far enough apart. While this flat earth “expert” was I guess playing video games, I was talking to people using amateur radio satellites and doppler shift is a very real thing you have to deal with if the satellite isn’t in a geostationary orbit.


Even easier is just ask them how geostationary satellites manage to stay in one spot over the ground (not counting a slight analemma) without falling straight down. :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually had one flat Earth nutter tell me they were floating on a layer of aether like a cork would float on water. Why they needed a rocket booster to get to that altitude in the first place he never could explain.


Geostationary satellites floating on the aether like cork on water. Okaaaay…


While we are on flat earth (so to speak), I am one of not too many people who have spoken to an astronaut or a cosmonaut while they were in orbit. The old Mir space station, sometimes the Space Shuttle, and now the International Space Station had/have an amateur radio station on board. It is mostly for staged contacts with schools to get children interested in science. Sometimes the astronauts used the radio in their spare time. Anyway, on different occasions I spoke with people on all three spacecraft. I guess that is the most exciting thing I have done with radio.



They dont recognize the Earth as a planet like Mars or Venus… those things are tiny things… compared to the Earth Disk.


To my surprise, there are a fair number of Evangelicals in the flat earth movement!

But maybe i should have expected that!

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I don’t know about many Evangelicals making up the ranks of the flat earthers but I haven’t paid much attention to what the flat earth cult is up to. There are some extreme Bible literalists who say the earth is flat, on pillars etc. I think people who are prone to accept conspiracy theories, maybe are obsessed with UFOs and such or are the most extreme Bible literalists would likely be interested in flat earthism.

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Why is falt earthism a good point against creationism? Organized creationism DOES not teach flat earth stuff! so if not why is that not a point for YEC credibility? why is it the other way around? do people think these things through? Is this just more flat arguementism???


I find it very instructive to hear Flat-Earther logic expounded with the same absolute degree of confidence… even when it is totally cock-eyed logic.

And this is the same thing we encounter with Creationists fixating on the laws of thermodynamics, “loss of information” and all these other “pseudo-concepts” that really have little to do with with the 3 or 4 case-closed blocks of evidence in favor of an Old Earth and Common Descent.

No. Thats just a desperate accusation by those who can’t defend themselves in a persuasive way.
Creationists don’t believe in flat earth. Nobody does. Its just using an analogy to replace actual scientific arguments.
Fine with me. It makes your side look…

Wanna bet?


I posted videos of humans proclaiming the Earth is flat…
… because God.

You must believe in some sort of reverse conspiracy against conspiracies…

In some cases, there’s a similar mode of argument.

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In no cases and no mode likeness. Its just lame attempts to mingle a rejected absurd idea with a popular great idea. Desperate but okay with me. Last gasps and all that.

@Robert_Byers… how futile this refutation becomes.

Another similarity is that no one notices the beam in their own eyes.

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