Forbidden Phenotypes

Interesting paper:

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@glipsnort Do I recall you saying this paper was discussed in your journal club?

It seems that almost all these “forbidden” phenotypes have exceptions, so in what sense are they “forbidden”?

I didn’t know it’s already been shared. Some scientist shared it on Twitter, looked interesting so I shared it. So my bad

It is interesting! :slight_smile:

If I understood correctly, these were examples of features that appeared once, with no equivalent parallel evolution in other branches of life. To be honest I was a little hazy on just what it meant to start. I’d have to re-read to do better, and no time today.

That is an interesting article, if for no other purpose than to get a fresh view on ecological niches. The one that made me think was the lack of mammals specialized for scavenging. This is probably due to the fact that birds are really good at it, and mammals simply can’t compete. A condor can cover 10’s of square miles using just a tiny percentage of the energy that a mammal would use to cover the same territory. However, it does make me wonder if there are islands with specialized mammalian scavengers.