Former Liberty U. Staffer: The School is “Shifty, Dishonorable, Unprincipled”

I was very interested in the article until that turned to disappointment when I got to this statement:

A Liberty University degree is a barely worth the one-ply toilet paper they likely keep in the dorms.

That is utterly untrue. Whatever one might think of Liberty University, it is NOT a diploma mill. It is fully accredited and by the usual measures, the degrees granted by Liberty are not of negligible value. Indeed, based on the jobs landed by graduates, it has a lot of reasons for bragging—I am told.

(And don’t denigrate one-ply toilet paper. It’s invaluable for RVs and sensitive septic fields. Two-ply can cause a lot of hassles and expense. Of course, so can some university degrees.)


That is a just a bit sketchy. At my school when the ACA stuff kicked in we had to be very carful with hours required for adjuncts and part-time staff. The line was definitely not “fluid”.

Liberty has been turned into an online juggernaut with over 100k students (~90% online). The small struggling private liberal arts colleges like mine are losing a lot of enrollment to them I think. I guess whatever you think of their personalities and politics, they seemed to have figured out a business model that works for them (for now at least). The use of “cheap labor” (grad students, post-docs, adjuncts, part-time staff) is a widespread problem in higher ed. This seems like it could be another example.

Going from all public university education to working at a Christian university, there are things that take getting used to (weekly chapel with your boss, prayer at the start of faculty meetings, for instance) but in my experience the day-to-day operations (HR, business office, registrar) are pretty much like they would be at any school.


Without reading it, it seems fairly obviously to be a disgruntled employee with an ax to grind. On the other hand, I remember hearing back a while, maybe as far back as the 70s, that Jerry Falwell was credited with saving a woman’s life. She was choking on a chicken bone and her husband turned the TV on to Falwell. She gagged and was fine. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m not sure we should trust anything from Friendly Atheist. Great name. Not a reliable source. Not very friendly.


Hemant Mehda of the Friendly Atheist is a very trustworthy person.

In fairness I think I misremembered the world map article as his doing. That was someone else.

That’s my impression. However (and unsurprisingly), he does have an anti-theist bias.

When he gets something wrong (as he sometimes does), he is very good at coming back and admitting his mistake.

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I would hope that churches and other faith organizations pressure Ken Ham et al. to seek some outside counsel. I would think that there are some good christian based consultancy firms out there that could provide some transparency and internal accountability.


His pride would preclude it. It might take some kind legal action, à la Kent Hovind or Jim Bakker.

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We are waiting for some kind of employee discrimination lawsuit. It will come in time.