Geologists determine early Earth was a 'water world' by studying exposed

Countdown until Ken Ham or some other science-challenged YEC start screaming about the new evidence for Noah’s Flood.





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The question is extremely important to origin of life research. If the entire planet was devoid of dry land when life originated and ocean depths back then was approximately what they are today on average, then that effectively rules out all models that rely on inland pools, geothermal fields, evaporative cycles, UV radiation, and so on. This would basically leave only two models: Wächterhauser’s Iron-sulfur world theory(black smokers), and Michael Russel’s alkaline hydrothermal vent model(white smokers).


…and both lead to the conclusion that smoking enhances life.

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Concordists will use it with Genesis 1:2.

I’ve already seen YECs float this article in that way.
How exactly it is supposed to serve as evidence of a global flood, they haven’t said…

From the article:
Johnson said these models inform us about the environment where life originated and evolved: “Without continents and land above sea level, the only place for the very first ecosystems to evolve would have been in the ocean.”

A complete water world is a pretty sweeping claim. That would require that not only there were no continents above sea level, but also no major volcanic activity.

Is expect Kevin Costner…

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