Grand ideas, global reverberations: Grand Canyon at its 6 millionth anniversary

For YECs everywhere.


I’m going backpacking there in October. Expect photos!


Years ago I took trip to see the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, then the Meteor Crater, and then the Grand Canyon. That was one of the best trips I ever had.


Seconded. Anyone with the slightest bit of curiosity about the history of the planet should put the GC on their bucket list. You can take (realatively) easy day hike and literally walk through hundreds of millions of years of Earth’s history. You can also see intact fossil beds with some going back 1.2 billion years. :star_struck:


Greeting Everyone!

Like most Geologists I am always ready for another trip to the Canyon.

Thank you Patrick for the link to the Science Daily link.

Prof’s Karl Karlsom and Laura Crossy are good friends and colleagues, and I am an alum of UNM.

Last Spring I (and about 20 other Geologists and friends) took a fantastic week-long raft trip through the Canyon with Karl and Laura. This was my thrid raft trip, along with many hikes.

Most of us agree that every time you go into the Canyon you discover something new to ponder.

Here is a very long URL that links a pdf for an excellent compliation of recent research on the Canyon. Enjoy.



Welcome to PS, @BrushyCanyon. And thanks for the link.

The link appears to require some kind of Microsoft account to access.

Try this one - better link. Also includes pics and videos from the UNM raft trip.

Nope, still requires signing in to some Microsoft account.

Try this Dropbox link.

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That one works.

Great. Feel free to share.

Photos from last springs GC trip.

One flood did it all. /s


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@BrushyCanyon: Any clues on the position of Laurentia (and other cratons) within Rodinia?

See the paper by Dehler, et. al. in the Special Paper linked above. Also search for Rodinia with Control F in the pdf.