Greg Sheridan in The Spectator: The West will die without Christianity

Hi Patrick.
I am quoting a comment made by the author:

. I, for one, don’t think all believing Christians are “stupid, eccentric, or malevolent”. I think many are brainwashed, all are deluded, and only a very few are “malevolent.

Why do you post stuff written by people who are so biased against Christianity that they can no longer think straight.
Are you arrogant enough to claim that ALL Christians are deluded? How do you know you are not the one who is deluded.

I don’t think that’s what Coyne was getting at there. The word most basically means “believing something that is not true”. So, yeah, I think all Christians are deluded, and you think all atheists are deluded. Although I would agree it has a more pejorative sense it’s pretty clear he wasn’t implying anything like that.

What about the argument he’s countering? Not arrogant at all?

He categorised Christians under three categories.
a) Brian washed.
b) Deluded
c) Malevolent.

If that’s his real view about Christians when interacting with them, then it’s quite pathetic.
As to athiests being deluded. Yes I believe athiests are deluded about God… But I don’t have a classification of athiests going on putting them in categories of “deluded”, “malevolent” etc .

How does this justify Coynes attitude? Whataboutery is just an excuse to bring out the worst version of ourselves

Monty Python has clearly infiltrated the Asian subconscious.

There is a difference between

  1. believing something that isn’t true
  2. not believing something that is true
    While the former is clearly a delusion, it’s hard to justify that term for the latter.

P.S. There are no athiests here, only atheists.

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I don’t know about Patrick, but I know I’m not the one who is deluded because I base my views on confirmable reality, not on opinions, and definitely not on the opinions of people who’ve been dead for millennia and didn’t know any of the discoveries we’ve made since then.

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Same old nonsense that Atheists are not making a positive claim.
Atleast be honest enough to admit Athiests believe Christianity is false. So of its true, they are deluded.

Congrats on being the only infallible guy in the universe…

Unless of course @Patrick also considers his views infallible.

I’m honest enough to admit that I do not believe Christianity is true, and have concluded (because of lack of evidence, lack of agreement and lack of consistency) that all but the most watered-down versions of Christianity are false.

Why aren’t you honest enough to admit this is a negative claim?

Why aren’t you honest enough to admit that atheists aren’t interchangeable, and don’t all hold the same views?

Why are you, like almost all Christians, unwilling to apply your arguments to any religion other than yours?

And most importantly, because it shows you (i) aren’t paying attention and (ii) don’t have the knowledge required for your views to be worth listening to, why can’t you spell “atheists” correctly even after your error has been pointed out to you?

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Which means that you are deluded if Christianity turns out to be true.
It’s not a complicated concept to get.

It’s not complicated, merely wrong.

However it is more complicated than noting that you are asking questions but refusing to answer any.