Hatred toward collective entities inspires meaning in life

Pop article, I will add link to journal article soon.

New psychology research indicates hatred toward collective entities inspires meaning in life

“I think that any casual observer of human nature recognizes that many prominent cultural figures or political movements gain a lot of steam when they have a clear, identifiable enemy that they are fighting against. I started reflecting more on why this might be, and it occurred to me that having an enemy, someone to hate, might energize people,” explained study author Abdo Elnakouri (@AbdoElnakouri), a PhD student at the University of Waterloo. “Hatred might be a powerful motivating force, giving people a clear purpose against a worthwhile enemy—in other words, a life full of meaning.”

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This might explain why hatred motivates people so well. It may serve an evolutionary purpose as well - hatred for the tiger will keep us alive.


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All too plausible. Hatred for the out group as a cohesive force within the in group, shamelessly exploited by those seeking power. I’m reading Moffett’s The Human Swarm at the moment. Colonies of ants use smell. Humans (here I am anticipating where the author may be leading) use skin colour or nationality or whether you use two fingers or three fingers to cross yourself.


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