Have enough faith and toilet paper rolls will be multipled

This time I will beat @patrick to the punch, for he is sure to post this one:

Interesting. I don’t recall that doctrine being covered in Systematic Theology class when I was in seminary long ago.

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne may have based his bizarre theology on an obscure proof-text. Not a lot of people are aware that there is a very interesting variant manuscript of the Gospel of Matthew which includes the story of the multiplying of the Charmin Extra Soft. The fragmentary Alexandrian textual tradition papyrus, discovered in 1875 by Constantin von Tischendorf in a monastery privy just outside of Cairo, was tucked inside of an old Sears & Roebuck catalog. The twin-leaf (2-ply) fragment’s pericope is believed to have appeared immediately after the account of the feeding of the five thousand and describes events of the following morning.

@Dan_Eastwood and @Michael_Callen, papyrologists and textual critics now refer to this manuscript as Papyrus Charmaniticus.



It is also noteworthy that archaeologists later excavated an adjacent lavatory, complete with an elaborate copper sink attached to an alabaster obelisk which included a bronze plaque providing hand-washing instructions observed during the Great Plague of 129 C.E.

Interestingly enough, the Sahidic Coptic text of that second-century plaque instructs the patron to keep washing his hands with a scented paste of clay and ashes until he twice sung to completion the included lyrics to “Row, Row, Row Your Trireme Gently Down the Stream.”


@DaleCutler posted this recently as a way to grow your own!
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But I’m told the translation is crappy. :slight_smile:

Did it include the classic graffito, “(4) Wipe hands on pants”?