Highly Fine-Tuned Reverse Weathering Stabilized Earth’s Early Climate

Hugh Ross is usually correct on the science. Anyone wanting to comment?


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Reverse Weathering Points to Intelligent Agency
The bottom line is that it takes a very carefully designed sequence of different life-forms at the just-right abundance and diversity levels introduced at the just-right times to ensure that the just-right amounts of carbon dioxide reside in Earth’s atmosphere so as to perfectly compensate for the changes in the Sun’s luminosity throughout the past 3.82 billion years. Nothing less than a super-intelligent, supernatural Being can explain such exquisitely fine-tuned creation activity.

A remaining question is why would the Creator expend so much time and effort in compensating for the Sun’s changing luminosity? Couldn’t such a powerful Creator just place humans on Earth at the one time in the Sun’s history when its flares wouldn’t wipe them out?

The Creator indeed could have done this without altering any of the laws of physics. However, humans would have lacked the benefit of 76+ quadrillion tonnes (1 tonne = 1.102 tons) of biodeposits. This enormous treasure chest of the remains of previous life (e.g., limestone, marble, coal, oil, and natural gas) allowed humans to quickly launch and sustain global high-technology civilization.

Without commenting on the finetuning part of the claim, I suppose I am confused by this. If God could have created human from scratch, couldn’t he have made the Earth de novo with all these biodeposits too? If one is possible by God, why isn’t the other?

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And, apparently, to destroy it about as quickly.