Homage to Darwin (part 3)


This is part three of a freewheeling conversation about evolution between Lynn Margulis, Richard Dawkins, Dennis Noble, Steve Bell & Martin Brasier.
Its an interesting conversation to be a fly in the wall in and accessible to non specialists.

Part 1 and 2 are fun too…

Thanks for posting this. I have had a chance to only look at part of it but it does emphasize how tentative our view of life’s history is. What I continue to see is discussion of positive evidence only.

It’s kinda illuminating listening to scientists talking about evolution outside the context of defending it from ID guys and other “heretics”… :wink:
I especially like Lynn margulis challenge to Dawkins… did you reach there ?

If you mean her challenging the tree and mutation not being front and center of change yes I did. What is very apparent is the mystery of the origin of the eukaryotic cell which is mission critical for universal common descent. Its what she does not try to explain like the origin of the spliceosome that is telling.

She makes the assertion that universal common descent is true as her science depends on that yet if we assume design as a possibility it does not made sense that one came from the other. I would propose that the eukaryotic cell is a separate design from the prokaryotic cell and simply borrows some of the previous designs.

I believe in some common descent of species. The question in my mind is how much.

Ya… same here.