Homebrewed Christianity Livestream with Dr. Al Goshaw (!) (and Andy Walsh) 3/30

The best place for more details is the Facebook event page:

Tripp Fuller of the Homebrewed Christianity podcast will be hosting a conversation between Duke Physicist Dr. Al Goshaw, pastor & campus minister Will Rose, and myself. We’ll be geeking out at Ultimate Comics in Durham about all things science, theology and nerdy pop culture. The Facebook Livestream should start around 7pm EDT on 3/30.

I will do my best to mostly stay quiet and listen so you (and I) can hear what these smart and thoughtful gentlemen have to say. But fair warning - we will be in a comic book store, so I am bound to say something about the X-Men.


And for anyone local to Chapel Hill/Durham, earlier that day I will also be at a really cool comic book event at Ascension Lutheran Church in Wilson, NC.

Maybe you can stop by? Or PM me if you can’t make it but are in the area and want to chat in person over coffee or something on Sunday.