How Much of Neanderthal Genome in Sapiens?

@glipsnort we discussed this a while a go but I forgot the precise reference and number. What percentage of the Neanderthal genome can be reconstructed from extant Sapien DNA? Is it 20, 40 or 60%? What is the reference?

Thanks. I think this will be of high interest to @AJRoberts.

I forgot the reference(s), too, but I found them in a post of mine on the BioLogos site:
This paper reconstructs more than 1 Gb of Neandertal haplotype in modern humans. This one identifies 20% of the Neanderthal genome, but reports simulation results suggesting that 35% - 70% persists in modern humans.”

Can you explain this simulation and why the confidence interval is so large? This does not makes sense to me.

Their explanation is rather terse and I don’t have time to think about it very hard, so I can’t really explain the simulation. Much of the variation seems to come from the wide range of demographic models that they considered.