How To Download From an FTP site on Android and Windows

I am trying to access some DNA sequences on an FTP site on my phone and PC (Windows OS) but it has been unsuccessful. I learned that Chrome (which I use on my android phone and PC) and Firefox no longer support FTP browsing, so is there anyway to go around this on the OS’s I mentioned? Thanks.

For Windows, I’d recommend Filezilla, or any similar app.

For Android I’ve seen AndFTP recommended, but have never tried FTPing on Android myself.

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I downloaded AndFTP but could not find any means of downloading from the FTP site with it. Its frustrating.

Are you sure that the ftp site doesn’t allow http access (many of them do)? Try replacing “ftp://” with “http://” (or alternatively “https://”) in the URL in your web-browser.

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None of these suggestions worked but I followed through with your earlier advice on using Filezilla for Windows and it worked like a charm. Thanks!

I will go over AndFTP later. I may have missed something preventing me from downloading the file on the FTP site. Thanks again.

I can’t say I’m surprised, I’ve found Android to be an absolutely terrible OS for file management (and therefore try to do all file management under Windows and just mirror it to Android thereafter, where possible). :confounded:

I find using my android phone more convenient than using my PC for several reasons and I tend to find easy ways to use it for tasks that would have been done with my PC. I am surprised there is no easy fix for this FTP “wahala” on android or maybe I haven’t looked hard enough.