Human Genome Dating resource

I searched PS and didn’t find a reference to this this resource so I wanted to draw your attention to it. You can track the estimated age of over 1 million alleles in the human population. If you know the name of a particular variant you can explore it beginning here with some very useful graphics. What especially caught my eye was the description and graphics explaining geneological age. Go to the main page and click on their sample alleles but I’m linking first to the page that has their explanation of their data with graphics on geneological age.


Contents of article totally didn’t match what I thought your title was about.


There is a planned site ( matching what I think you’re thinking.

It looks like genetic counselling writ large and automated.

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Oh dear.

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Is Dor Yeshorim acceptable?

I don’t know, do they adhere to specific, internationally recognized ethical guidelines?

Call me biased, but I prefer to date exclusively within the human genome. :wink:

Takes all kinds. I have more interest in phenotype.

Ah … so you are the expressive type! :wink: