Humor From a Crank Doctor

I just thought I should throw in some comedy. Enjoy.


Wait…you mean the vaccine DOESN’T contain an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite? I had just naturally assumed it did.

I for one have always wanted to join the Genestealer Cult.

Stella Immanuel is associate with of “America’s Frontline Doctors”, if that tells you anything about that organization.

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That’s why I just went and got my third!

Is that the same one with the Idaho physician who gave a seminar in how the vaccine is killing people in white lab coat and cowboy boots?

Its not an egg. Its a portal that brings in the synthetic parasites and Biden has the code to activate it.

Just to be safe, I’m never wearing a white lab coat and cowboy boots.

OK, but the former while giving a talk is a more significant tell than the latter.

Never heard of em.

I just want to announce I finally got the magnetic abilities offered by the Moderna vaccine.


Reading that gave me a headache. Good luck with your weird desire to be part of the “Hive”.

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Warhammer 40 000 is the only other fictional universe, in my experience, with a level of depth and development comparable to Tolkien’s LOTR.

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Regardless the GeneStealer cult will kneel before Darkseid. The true lord of entropy and chaos.

Stella Immanuella claims luciferase is in the vaccines (not true and she doesn’t provide evidence to show so) and that its (an enzyme) from the devil. Its as if she reads this from somewhere and mindlessly transmits it to her followers and other “right-wing” people :smile:. If she had done some vetting she would know luciferase is found in fireflies and it’s what helps in producing the glow they emit at night. I bet she is a creationist and has unwittingly called Satan the Creator (at least of fireflies) since she says luciferase is from him.

This appears to be an early source of the claim (December 2020): Redirecting...

A reply defending it claims that the vaccine contains the lipid SM-102, which in turn is claimed to contain luciferase.

Scientific illiteracy can be quite nasty and that is excellently exemplified in that thread.

Thats so silly. Lipids (e.g SM-102) don’t contain proteins (e.g luciferase).

This is SM-102:


This is luciferase:


Images sources: Wikipedia.

Back in the 1980’s I remember the news media picking up on the introduction of luciferase/luciferin genetics into the tobacco mosaic virus—and how this produced a field of softly glowing tobacco plants. I knew of some Kentucky fundamentalist preachers who went ballistic over this because they thought sure that Satan was somehow going to use the discovery to demonically possess “good upstandin’, Bible-lovin’, cigarette-smoking Americans.”

One guy who heard about this asked me at the time if it was going to lead to self-lighting cigarettes.

(Meanwhile, some vaccine denialists are a bit “dim” so perhaps a little bit of luciferase and luciferin in COVID vaccines might do them some good.)

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LOL for some strange reason they remember Lucifer but forget the -ase part of it.

Did it? :smile:

Yeahhhh they need to light up their world with the vaccines.

I’d hate to think what they’d make of ‘Little Lucifer Firelighters’, a perennial brand Down Under. Barbecues as the work of the Devil?


Also, I’m reminded that a ‘Lucifer’ or ‘Lucifer match’ was an obsolete word for early friction matches.

Given all this, the panic over a bit of poetically-named bioluminescence seems a tad overwrought. :smirk: