ICR Goes all-in on Denying Natural Selection

From @Joel_Duff:

In doing so ICR has laid down the gauntlet and is directly refuting—though without mentioning AiG by name—the position that AiG and to a lesser extent that Creation Ministries International (CMI) have taken in recent years. AiG has embraced natural selection as a primary agent in their hyperspeciation model of species origins and adaptation of organisms to their environment.

By so publicly taking this stand ICR has taken another big step in distancing themselves from AiG and these organizations are likely to continue to drift further apart in their approach to creationist’ apologetics.


I don’t do this very often but I am going to recommend two articles published by Answers in Genesis:

Refuting Dubious Claims Regarding Natural Selection by Jason Lisle
Does Natural Selection Exist by Nathanial Jeanson

Both of these are devastating refutations of Guliuzza’s CET model and illustrate just how deep the divide has been between ICR and AiG. What we didn’t know before this article was whether Guliuzza’s beliefs were held more widely at ICR. Now we know this isn’t just debate between Guliuzza and the rest of the YEC community.

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@PDPrice you are ICR, what can you tell us about this?

He’s CMI I believe


There is some serious irony! :grin:


I checked, he is indeed with CMI. Thanks, TJ.

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Gee, even YEC is fracturing.

AIG defending natural selection from ICR? Pass the popcorn!

Funny comment on that article by Robert Byers “maybe this is too complicated and we just just keep beating up evolutionists.”


Is that our @Robert_Byers1 (or is it @Robert_Byers)? That’s pretty funny.

(Not atypical thinking for bullies.)

I’m pretty sure those PS members are both the same. He was unable to login, so created a new account. And the referenced comment at the other site is almost certainly by the same Robert.

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