ID as a Theory or a Political Strategy

@Giltil and @colewd:

If you simply agreed that God guides evolution, this whole thread can go away … unless, of course, the point of your efforts is to out-flank the laws against teaching religion in the public schools.

You know, an awful lot of Patriotic clergy gave their blood and substance to keeping government out of religion. In England, there was the “established” Anglican church … and sometimes it was the only church anyone could go to.

Trying to bring religion HALFWAY back into the government is an incredibly dangerous idea which the founding fathers would not have looked favorably upon!

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This whole conversation originated from a claim by John Mercer according to which the process of VDJ recombination was able to generate high FI. So I guess your worry about out-flanking the laws against teaching religion in the public schools is somewhat off topic, isn’t it?


Yes. Agreed.