If Joshua Swamidass' M.D./Ph.D. makes him a MudFud . .

. . . should he go ahead and earn a Doctor of Divinity so that he can be a MudFud Dud?


Ha! That’s not happening unless I get an honorary degree.

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Pardon my ignorance but what is a MudFud?

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A MudFud is popular jargon/slang for someone with both an M.D. and a Ph.D.

The first time I ever heard that term was when Francis Collins was nominated for the position of Director of the National Institute of Health.

I’ve heard @swamidass joke about being a MudFud in interviews.

Speaking of Doctors of Divinity, I remember when the late Jerry Falwell used to give out honorary doctorates quite liberally to donors and personal friends. One guy by the name of John Fiddle had a lot of fun with the title and printed on his checks:
“John Fiddle, D.D.”

@Dan_Eastwood and @Michael_Callen, this is the kind of thread topic you will enjoy.


So would someone with a Veterinary MD and a Doctor of Osteology degree be a doggie DO? :wink:

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Could be, @Dan_Eastwood.

And a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who had previously served in the military would be a vet vet. And if he had a midlife crisis and bought a classic sporty car to show off, people would make fun of the vet vet’s Corvette—to his considerable regret. (I’d bet.)

(That’s my send-up in tribute to Dr. Seuss.)

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@Dan_Eastwood, if Dr. Seuss had actually written about the DVM with a mid-life crisis, he would have said that it was the vet vet’s violet Corvette. I bet.

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AAARRRGGHHH!!! :grinning:

But thanks for lightening my day!