If you could choose anyone to lead your country

…living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?

My choice:

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Is it cheating to pick Jesus? Because Jesus would be my choice.


Although He would certainly be the best person, by far, for the position, He made it clear He wasn’t interested in the position. Selecting a human without a divine nature would be much more debatable!


Jesus would be a lousy choice. Uneducated, lacking understanding of the laws of biology, chemistry and physics, too passive, only 33 years old at death (must be 35 to be president), to reliant on his father to make independent decisions, unmarried, no children, no money, free loader, out of touch with societal norms, too autocratic, dictatorial, not tolerant of non-believers, unjust eternal punisher, against due process, and in favor of cruel and unusual punishment.


America had the best president in the 1900’s. this was Ronald Reagan. HE was the one who aggreesively pushed forward a right wing conservative agenda that led , importantly, to the destruction of the soviet union and thus freeing and enriching those people and stopping such a united force for evil in the world. The end of the nuke threat was from reagans direct ideas to eliminate nukes. Then his conservative econmic plan destroyed the liberal one in america forever and , importantly, led all other nations to employ conservative concepts in economics and changed so many nations. I think also the Asian ones who now are defined by innovation/capital agendas.
this was from Reagans American nation embracing his agenda. then he gave confidence to the christian right to fight so many evil/false things. then he gave american nationism/Identity a great boost to fight contrary oppositions.
Ever since every president and thier agendas has led to worthless wars, injustice, kept the economics as I said, Un american pC stuff, bORING forgettable , intellectually and morally inferior.
YES in Canada here we have not a real government as really the courts run things and the Fed election is between who is more wicked. i really mean that from my soul.
REAGAN was the great one and how great ones can be found.
Alas for unfinding!

Yikes @Patrick, tell us how you really feel? :slight_smile: Way to be a party pooper.

I also agree with @cwhenderson that Jesus probably wouldn’t have much interest.

To answer the question, I think of people like Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, which is kinda lame since we’ve seen them as President. I’d be interested in seeing how Martin Luther King, Jr. and Warren Buffet would do. As a scientist it’d be interesting to see somebody like Francis Bacon (who had significant political experience) or Robert Boyle give it a go.

Also, my list lacks diversity, that would also be interesting to have maybe somebody bring a whole different mindset than traditional “old white guy”.


I just saw this movie. That’s great @Faizal_Ali. Good to it’s not just Americans frustrated with our political leaders.


Poorly. It’s a different skill set.

That is an interesting idea.

Jesus’ interest is not in the position of the leader of one country; He is going to come back and take over the whole world. That’s my greatest hope.

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That’s part of what got me thinking about this article. What are the skill sets necessary for a political leader? In the modern world, they seem to largely be drawn from one of three fields: Law, business or military. I suspect that has more to do with the ability to win the job than to perform it once it has been won.

Jesus is not coming back and not taking over the whole world. This is delusional christian apocolithic speech and very Un-American. If Jesus wants take over American government, let him first apply for US citizenship and run for office. He can’t run for President because he was not born in this country.
Also a invisible dead person can’t serve in any governmental position.

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Peter warned about people such as yourself 2000 years ago in 2 Peter 3. But let’s all keep in mind this is coming from a man who calls himself ‘freethinking’ but literally wants people like myself to be thrown into prison for voicing opinions that he disagrees with.

I think He’d be far too liberal for you.


Is that true, @Patrick? You’re a very bad person.

certainly not true. I am a very good Godless person without a soul but with a lot of human empathy, compassion and kindness to others. I am also sinless. Just an unabashed atheist not afraid of burning in hell. :sunglasses:

You can check the thread at In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace

Then produce the evidence. You’d need a lot of it to draw any conclusions about what another human being LITERALLY wants.

Or a retraction and apology. Your use of LITERALLY gives you zero wiggle room.

Like the law that increased gun control when he was governor of California?

Or the more than dozen tax increases he signed off on while president?

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Those fields are over-represented in government.

It’s hard to know what would be the needed skill set. Perhaps it has more to do with personality characteristics than with what we ordinarily think of as skill sets.

The big problem that we have in the USA, is that the skill set for running a successful election campaign is very different from the skill set to be an effective leader. And I’m not sure that there’s an easy way to change that.

He would first have to get past the tough immigration requirements that evangelical Christians want.