Image of Blood Vessel Cells Wins Competition

Lots of fascinating photos of this and other biological phenomena:


A lot of people don’t know this but Weird Al Yankovic’s fourteenth album was Capillaries & Venules. Its music video for the lead song “Living in an Amish Pericyte” was a complete commercial failure. Fortunately, under pressure from his recording label, Yankovich was able to reimagine the song for wider market appeal.

(That one’s for @Dan_Eastwood and @Michael_Callen.)


Oh, man, those images are fantastic. My favorite is the one of the blood clot, near the bottom. It was incredible to see how similar the clot was to the flesh of a pomegranate fruit! I sense a thread exploring the shared homology between the mammal and the pomegranate, now. :slight_smile: Seriously, though, an uncanny resemblance!

Speaking of uncanny… Weird Al has more than three albums?? @AllenWitmerMiller

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My favorite as well! I’m really surprised that that one didn’t win the competition. I would love to have a huge blown-up poster of that.

I think the count is well over twenty.

Not bad for an accordion player.

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I don’t own any Weird Al albums—but if I hadn’t taken the academic career path I did, I would probably have produced music parodies under the far less catchy name “Eccentric & Mildly Amusing Al Witmer-Miller.”

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Hahaha… Mildly Amusing…

Spectacular photos! Thanks, Allen!

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I have access to 19 on my Google Play, but some are compliations (Greatest hits). Wiki says 14 studio albums.

Amish Paradise :smile: