In Memory of Sue Dykes

@SueD was a friend of PS and was joining staff with Reasons to Believe (RTB). She had recently completed her PhD in paleoanthropology.

This summer she made her way to the airport, flying out to RTB’s offices in California. In NYC she had a connecting flight. There, she had a heart attack. She passed away.

This was a major loss for RTB. @SueD was a friend of one of our regulars, @AJRoberts. I was looking forward to getting to know her in our dialogue with RTB.


@Swamidass, Thanks for this and your earlier email.

Sue passed away in NYC where she was connecting between flights from RSA to CA. We miss her terribly. She had recently completed her PhD in paleoanthropology and had much to contribute going forward. She was a good friend to many of us.

So her loss hits us at multiple levels.

We never know when our fragile lives will end. Let us love boldly while we have life and breath to do so.


Thats very sad and disapoojnting. I get RTB material and helped once at a conference with ross in my church and wish them well though they are not YEC.
i don’t know her age but it seems she was young.
for her, to her loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and everyone who knew her by way of these circles MAY GOD help you in this evil thing. its right to tell us this on this forum as she moved in our interest circles.


She was very young. A bright and passionate voice.

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Sympathies to her family. Terrible loss.


Our condolences go out to the entire Reasons to Believe ministry family.