In the runup to full human consciousness, what were the milestones?

Found this interesting article while Googling for the effects of vegetarianism on corticogenesis. Genesis 1 mentions God giving the first humans in Genesis 1 plants to eat. No specific mention is made of predation or omnivorism. What effect might that have had on neurophysiology?
Just exploring the question.

More good info here:

And we know from paleontology that humans have been eating meat for 2.5 million years and cooking it for about 2 million years


I’m not sure there is a Vegan application for FISH … so I have to question the whole Vegan interpretation.

It would seem the whole issue of eating meat is only in the background of the OT narratives early on. Fish does seem likely but is not mentioned explicitly, is it? Maybe I’ve missed something?

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There is no point in giving humans dominion over animals that are not part of sustaining any part of creation.

If nobody is eating fish meat - not even other animals … what would it mean to give humans dominion over something underwater AND inappropriate for feeding themselves or other creatures.


Good point… no wonder we were wary of our kindergarten teachers… ; )