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@CLAVDIVS can you tell us about your self? Welcome to Peaceful Science. What brings you here?


Hi Joshua, thanks for the welcome.

I’m a 50 (-ish) year old Australian, working in IT.

For over 30 years I have had an interest in the origins debate, starting with high school arguments. When the Internet arrived I debated online in favour of mainstream science, usually against the YEC view … including vs Helen Setterfield!

When ID arrived in the mid-2000s, I followed its development very closely - as philosophically I am open to telic forces in nature but am not convinced there is any science behind it yet. I spent many years debating on but was eventually banned.

My interest in the origins debate has always been to educate myself and, perhaps, others. Seeking to make a justifiable point in written debate forces one to research new areas in biology, philosophy, physics etc. which I find enjoyable and enlightening.

Peaceful Science was immediately attractive to me when I first discovered it as the tone is much more collegiate and less adversarial, and it has already got participation from some significant ID people like Ann Gauger and Paul Nelson. As I have gotten older I have learned to listen more to the other person’s point of view and look for common ground as way forward in all areas of life. Peaceful Science reflects this more mature view in the area of origins and, for what it’s worth, it has my support.


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