Introducing Darwin (The Finch)


(Dan Eastwood) #1

I have been neglectful in making a certain introduction, And I need to correct this situation. Without further ado, meet Darwin.

That’s him on the left.

When at home Darwin often supervises my Internet navigation, mostly by demanding that I pay attention to him rather than the Internet. He sometimes assists with typing as well by biting at fingers that strike an errant key. By his definition this means “any fingers not scritching him”.

I’ll look for a video to post too.


Oh, such a cutie!

My cat would love him!:grin:

(S. Joshua Swamidass) #3

Is he going to travel with you to STL? Probably not I imagine, but that would be fun.

(Dan Eastwood) #4

Here’s a video of Darwin gettong his scritches.

(Dan Eastwood) #5

It would be fun, but probably not practical. He would be a big hit at the workshop. :slight_smile:

(Dan Eastwood) #6

And the “bearded” look that got him his name.

Google Photos

(Jacob) #7

He almost looks like he is about to deliver a lecture.

(Dan Eastwood) #8

He frequently lectures us. He can be very bossy.

(Paul A Nelson) #9

Darwin is a very handsome fellow. His namesake would be proud of him.

(Retired Professor & Minister.) #10

Feathered theropod dinosaurs are fun.

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