Introducing GAE to brand new audiences


It is endlessly interesting to see how “shell-shocked” both audiences of the usual polarized views become when they hear someone stating that God used Evolution as part of His tool kit to create life on Earth!

They start throwing all sorts of accusations to end the discussion!:

a] that is atheism!
b] that is religion!
c] you are just attacking people!
d] you aren’t discussing the science!
e] you aren’t Christian!
f] Joshua is a reprobate Christian!
g] Joshua is delusional!
h] you are teaching a lie!

… and any other kitchen sink they can reach and throw to get out of the discussion!

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This surprises you?

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I implied that it was AMUSING!

[Edit: I affirm that I did not originally use the word “amusing”]


Maybe you could put together links to the religious side of your life… all on one PDF?

I can ad lib much of the theology… but I am not equipped to defend your religious qualifications!


As you can see, you need to provide your bona fides, or a link I cam use for that: Cheryl Campbell.


Send her here:


Eventually, we will have all the bugs out of the system.

She gets “no content” because she is not a member of the discourse group. I tried to post most of the pages … and instead i got stuck in an infinity loop…

Any other approach you want to use would probably be better than my being stuck on my own computer…

i] What does “God used Evolution” even mean?

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I finally found a setting I could use … I loaded the 22 page pdf into the FILES section of their group… loading PDF’s into a thread is actually pretty tricky!

Actually the word you used was Interesting. But yes, Amusing is a word I’d use on a good day. As a TE I’m used to getting shot at by both sides. Most days I’d probably call it tiresome, or disappointing on a bad day.


I think I’m being shot at now days more than most :slight_smile:


Yep, you didn’t just stick your head out of the trenches, you did the equivalent of jumping up and down in no-mans-land yelling “take your best shot!” :smirk: [Matthew 5:9 NIV: Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.]