Introducing noUCA

That is what you thought when you arrived. What support did you learn about here you hadn’t seen before?

I am struggling with that one. Sorry, but I am trying. I have not seen any greater under-girding of the evolutionary paradigm. That will disappoint you. I guess I could only possibly congratulate you on this one point: your constituents exhibit a level of far more education than what I witnessed arguing on Biologos. Unfortunately, since more education does not help prop up what is not there in the first place, then neither can it help with the going paradigm here.

At this point, I know I am only causing trouble. I am not, nor ever could be, one iota closer to your ideas having been here, but I have (kind of) enjoyed the ride. And since it is quite impossible for me to be ‘converted’ to your side, I will only end up causing more trouble. That is the way this always seems to go.

I will find a stopping place today and call it quits. Thanks for the ride.

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Not disappointed. There is no evidence you’ve listened, so it’s not surprising your responses. You don’t have to agree with a position to understand it. Are you willing to understand that with which you disagree?

You are not causing trouble. You are welcome here and I hope you stay.

I want to understand you too. We don’t have to agree to understand each other.


@noUCA, you are a YEC. Why? What brought you to this point of view? What is your story?

This is my story. do you see any points of commonality between us? I do!


I was once inclined towards YEC, too. My overriding concern was then as it is now: to read the Scriptures for what they say and mean, and to try to faithfully interpret them. In that much, we can all agree, and listen with eager empathy, even when we run across differences. Amen?! :o)