Introductions Thread-Come Say Hello

Sometimes discussions pertaining to origins can get quite heated. However, (as is said here), while we do not agree on everything, there is value in understanding those with whom we disagree. This thread may be a good way to take a break from the controversies, and perhaps if we can get to know each other better here our interactions on the rest of the forum will feel more like respectful discussions between friends as opposed to confrontations between adversaries (not that our interactions aren’t respectful, of course).

So, how did you become interested in origins? Are you interested in science? Theology? Philosophy? What other topics do you enjoy researching and/or studying? How did you find out about Peaceful Science?

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Thanks @J.E.S that’s a good idea.

I’m curious to hear more about @scd and @herman.

Also, it will be interesting to pick up the conversation on Lutheranism soon, especially when Dr. Arand finishes his series.

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