Is there solid science to support the opposite approaches to gender-change versus sexual-orientation change?

I’m not trying to open up any of the usual inflammatory topics surrounding transgenderism, “bathroom bills”, homosexual conversion therapy, and aversion therapy. I’m simply wanting to understand the following:

(1) A medical professional who assists a person who requests help in modifying their sexual orientation can lose their license (if I understand this correctly.)

(2) Yet, a medical professional who assists a person who was born a particular anatomical and chromosomal gender to change to the gender they prefer is usually lauded as helpful.

Why the difference? Why doesn’t the person seeking either change deserve equal assistance from medical professionals? Is their solid science to support a very different treatment of “Please help me change my sexual orientation?” and “Please help me change my gender?”

Are the two types of people simply asking for professional assistance in changing their state from how they were born?

Brain. Transgender people have more similar brain structure to the sex they change into rather than sex they were born with.

Or, so I’ve read, I might be wrong.

I too have heard/read that—and wonder how solid is the science.

I’ve also read that growing numbers of people who have had transgender surgeries are now having reversal surgeries. So apparently they are not necessarily satisfied with the results. (I read some autobiographical accounts which basically said, “I believe that I would be much more happier as the opposite gender but it changed nothing and many many things worse. So I spent a lot of time and money finding professionals who could undo my decision.”

This is yet another reason why I wonder if the science supports the enthusiasm much of society has for some voluntarily changes and not others.

Well, I don’t know much about that, to be honest.

As for changing sexual orientation. That’s been tried many times before, with varying degrees of success (and, by that I mean it either completely failed or made people disgusted with themselves that they either pretended to be straight or became celibate). Some people do have fluid sexuality, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

People can still go and seek to change their sexual orientation (but only if they are adults, thank God) but that’s a humiliating process that leads to a lot of physical and psychological trauma, and in most cases, suicide attempts.

Maybe someone more sciency (and maybe less biased/theologically affirming) should put their two cents in?

I also read some articles which seem to claim that kids can decide to go for a gender change operations in the US. Is this wise? Are children capable of making such long term decisions on their own?

You guys are walking on a live wire. Most people will avoid this thread. I think engaging controversial topics with science is important, but this is one area that:

  1. The people with training, knowledge,and experience here know how complex and charged this, and will opt out of engaging this one on a public forum for now.

  2. Most people asking questions are low information on this topic, and still figuring out the basics, and don’t know what to trust.

This is also a raw issue to, which makes it fraught. I recommend privately approaching those with appropriate expertise to get pointers to resources and information. This is one of those moments everyone should be working hard to understand, avoid cartoon answers, and believe the best about the other “side.”


That’s about where I am.

I really don’t understand this transgender phenomenon. I’m suspecting that some of it is a fad while some of it is real. And I don’t know how to tell which is which.

So I watch from the sidelines.