Is this a stone tool?

I figured there might be some archaeologists or paleoanthropologists around here who could recognize something like this?

I found what looks to me like a rock that has been carved or worked in an unusual way, but I have no idea. I gather it could be a stone tool of some sort. Found it while walking along the beach.

Ruler is in centimeters.

It looks like the remnant of a stone core … part of the process of making stone implements.

But it might be as modern as a fire strike stone used by campers!

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A remnant after making multiple microliths?

Seems a pretty good resemblance, though this stone I found is considerably larger than the range of sizes given for typical microliths. Prepared core flake of some sort seems more accurate.

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Maybe an ID folk can use the design filter to determine if it’s a tool or not.

All jokes aside, i think it shows signs of flaking.