Israel’s Prime Minister Wants to Put a Bible on the Moon for Some Reason

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It’s perfectly ok with me… as long as it is just the New Testament…

Probably for the same reasons there are flags planted on the moon. It’s symbolic and harmless.

Interestingly, NASA’s Apollo 14 mission brought a large number of microfilm Bibles to the moon (apparently, one was up for auction last year). Furthermore, one Apollo 15 astronaut also left a Bible on the moon.


I had always thought “the Bible” was a Christian term and that Jews used a different name (e.g. Tanakh). Have I got this wrong?

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Does FFRF know about this? Federal funds use to promote Christianity on another world. That’s against the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution. :sunglasses:

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There are lots of nuances. Technically speaking, Scrupulous Jewish believers call their book The Bible, or the Jewish Bible.

Since their book was first, to have “Johnny-Baptist-Latelies” call their book “The New Testament”… and the original book “The Old Testament” is a little insulting.

I believe the Jewish faithful would rather a disciplined use of the term “Jewish Bible” for their book… and the Christian Bible for the Christian book (even when it includes books from the Jewish Bible).

Torah refers to the first 5 books:

For obvious reasons, the Penta-teuch is another name for the first five books.

(My personal theory is that for a period of time under Persian rule, the first five books did not include Genesis (since there is nothing from the time of Moses in it. I am inclined to think this is possible because the book right after Numbers is Joshua, and even though Moses and his death is mentioned in the first chapter, there is a LOTaLOTaLOT of mentions of Moses throughout Joshua. Genesis has always struck me as a “backstory” for a “backstory”! Oh, I neglected to mention that my personal theory marks Genesis as one of the last books to be written, providing the “patriarchal back story” to the “Exodus back story”, to the Samuel/Kings historical narrative!)

The Tanakh, or Mikra, is the Hebrew reference to their whole Bible:
" Tanakh is an acronym of the first Hebrew letter of each of the Masoretic Text’s three traditional subdivisions:

Torah (‘Teaching’, also known as the Five Books of Moses),

Nevi’im (’Prophets’)

and Ketuvim (’Writings’)—hence TaNaKh.

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I had thought that Bible was a Greek/Latin word, but after some digging I found that the Semitic word “biblos” is the origin of the Greek/Latin term. It makes a bit more sense now.


Finally, something from the FFRF that I feel good about throwing tons of my hard-earned money at!!! Forget the Constitution, this violates the Prime Directive!!



But it didn’t take place within the boundaries of the USA.

Perhaps he left it there so that any-one who later encountered the charred remains of Earth can glean some insight into the minds of those responsible?

Given the chance, I’d leave ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’. Or a black monolith.