J Mac Bets a Physicist

He’s just doing science the @J_Mac way.

Oh, it looks like you are gradually coming to your senses…
If entanglement is not transferring information, what is being “transferred”?

Entanglement is the statement that the quantum states of two entangled particles cannot be specified independently.

Please read this wikipedia page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-communication_theorem) on the no-communication theorem for a background on what physicists meant by entanglement not transmitting information.



I think @J_Mac is one of those people who is totally at peace with being banned. But if you like, we can put him under moderation as supervised by me. That way… if he really wants to say something, i can make sure it isnt completely as hostile and as toxic as his posting above. This could be the perfect exercise for me to demonstrate the value of avoiding “banning” of intentionally difficult individuals.


Moderating his comments and only posting non-insulting ones would basically be the same as banning.

Nothing of his would ever be posted.

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@Djordje, i believe @swamidass tends toward a more optimistic view!

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I like your optimism. But @Djordje is probably correct – if @J_Mac is moderated, he may well react by treating that as a ban.

So mote it be!

George and others. Thanks for this suggestion and for voicing your opinions. He has been asked to self-moderate and we’re expecting that he’ll step up to the plate and do just that. Time will tell.

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Going back to the original bet, if space is as J contends, his money is already in my wallet… as long as I don’t try to independently verify it, that is. Thanks for the easy cash!