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Abraham dealt with an Egyptian Pharoah and his father was from Ur in Sumer. These places didn’t exist until after 4000BC. If you add up the ages and generations in Genesis, Abraham was born roughly 2000 years after Adam. This means Adam’s creation could not have been any earlier than about 6000 BC.

If you string together the events described in Genesis along the timeline given, it gives you a rough framework to work with. Along that timeline in that part of the world there is a series of events that line up with that framework, including specifically given geographic locations in the text. Set in this context, Genesis, archeological data, and Sumerian mythology all line up together.

That’s what sets Adam’s creation at 5500 BC.

This is a multifaceted thing that I’ve struggled to put into coherent articles. The reinterpretation of Genesis is phase 1. Lining up with actual historical events to set the correct context of the text is phase 2. Then locating the impact of these events on the rest of the world as a result is phase 3. All together it tells a complete history, including God’s intent and purpose in doing it this way. The meaning of life, basically.

This universe where nothing lasts forever is the environment God created to create free will. Free will is a dangerous element that can get out of control. Not even God can anticipate it, as shown in Genesis 6 when it caused God to “regret” His decision, or in the story where God tests Abraham. Free will, in essence, makes each of us creators. We create things in this universe that are not “of God”, but that are “of us”. And you’ll notice, never once in the story does God override someone’s free will and make them do something. Even in the breeding of Jesus, God struggled working in an environment dominated by free willed humans. He couldn’t control them. He tried every way to influence their behavior with commandments, punishments, but it didn’t matter.

The impact of the creation can be seen throughout human history. It just hasn’t been understood in that context so it hasn’t been recognized. Once recognized it all begins to fall into place.

5500BC two beings, male and female, were created in northern Mesopotamia who looked like humans but lived centuries longer. These ‘gods’ and their generations of family interacted with humanity. First Cain. Eden was purposefully isolated from the rest of the human population. Gen2 says it was baron because there was no rain. Which lines up with shifty climate changes all throughout that region of the world during that time. The Sahara shifted from desert to green land multiple times.

Adding up all the ages of the generations given you can determine the last of the long living descendants of Adam died during Abraham’s lifetime. So these beings were prominent in human history in that part of the world for about 2000 years (5500 to 3500BC).

When Cain was banished there were others to encounter beyond the garden. And God acknowledged they may indeed harm him, so Cain was marked. Cain was said to be cursed to “aimlessly wander the Earth” being no longer able to grow food, yet it says he “settled” in the land of Nod. And not just settled, but built a city. And raised seven generations of family.

Eridu is the first human city. It’s the first city of the Ubaid culture, the precursors to the Sumerians. It was established about 5500BC. According to the Sumerians, a ‘god’ showed up one day, established the city of Eridu, and gifted them with the “gifts of civilization”. These gifts included organized farming. This was the birth of civilization. Basically this god lived in a temple built at the center of the city, and the people of that city operated the farms and provided for this god. This, I think, is why it says Cain sidestepped his “wanderer” curse and was able to settle.

From that came modern civilization. It started in Sumer. Then Egypt, Greece, Rome, and beyond. This was the impact of these beings existing in this populated region of the world. Nothing like this was happened all around the already populated world. From these birthed civilizations came the dominant, army organizing, conquering empires that spread all throughout the world, pushing naturally evolved humans to the brink of extinction. Only small populations of indigenous cultures remain, mainly in the regions of the world we’re not as interested in.


One more thing then I’ll shut up and let someone else talk. I’m just excited to be able to discuss these ideas with such like-minded people.

What’s significant about the Sumerian city of Eridu, though there were numerous highly populated organized human cultures that predate it, Eridu is considered the first city because it’s the first large human settlement where class stratification existed. Up until this point human societies were egalitarian. It is here that we see the first signs of male-dominance and class stratification.

This is a trackable behavior change as extensively covered in James De Meo’s book Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World. It’s also covered in the context of human history extensively in Steve Taylor’s The Fall: The Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of A New Era.


Great thoughts @Jeremy_Christian. Tell us a bit about yourself too.

Have you seen this data, which seems to fit your proposal?

Take a look at this figure, See the kink in the left graph, for Y-Chromosome, that does not appear in mitochondrial DNA? That is what they are saying is a bottleneck of men, but not of women.


I have not. I’ll check it out.

Genetic data is something I’m hoping to get into here more fully. There seems to be a focus on that aspect of it and it’s an area I haven’t ventured very far into. I do wonder if the OCA2 gene is related.

“New research shows that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor. A team at the University of Copenhagen have tracked down a genetic mutation which took place 6-10,000 years ago and is the cause of the eye colour of all blue-eyed humans alive on the planet today.”

Particularly because the Sumerians named themselves the “blacked-headed people”. I wonder if a contrast in hear/eye color also being introduced with Adam/Eve’s line made this apparent to them about themselves to call them selves by that name to distinguish their people.

Well, I’ll be damned.

Kinda reminds of Tolkien and Lewis’ stance that all myths have some basis to them doesn’t it?

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@AJRoberts curious your thoughts on this thread.

This would make a lot of sense in this context. Male-dominance is a characteristic consistent with this behavioral change. Free will characteristics are in effect the emergence of what we recognize as the modern human ego in the mind. Just as it’s described in Genesis. They became aware they were naked. Aware of themselves as individuals apart from the natural world around them. This is when humans began to manipulate the natural world rather than live harmoniously within it.

This shift would also very likely impact the number of breeding males in the group as cultures would have shifted to recognize importance in some over others.

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