Journal of Creation

I’m curious about the Journal of Creation. It seems to have no listed editor, editorial board, or instructions for authors. How is peer review accomplished? Are all articles peer reviewed, or just the “papers”? Are “perspectives” peer reviewed? How many reviewers? How are they chosen? What are the criteria for review?

All incorrect. The editorial board is listed in each issue. Instructions for authors are also printed in each issue, as well as posted here


Doesn’t really seem to have a home page in the way the typical journal does. But here’s something.

By definition, no evidence in any field including history or chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the scriptural record.

Who is the editor? What are the criteria for review? Would you consider it a scientific journal or an apologetics journal?

You cannot see that at Head Editor is Dr Pierre Jerlstroem.

You’d have to ask that to somebody on the editorial board.

I don’t consider those two as mutually exclusive. The JoC is broad in scope by necessity.

No. I get a message that it’s a restricted site open only to subscribers.

That’s a problem, then.

I love this journal. Its really fantastic and has great articles in abundance. A diffuculty getting published in it and even letters to the editor. Some of the smartest creationists write there. These authors quoted etc by AIG and ICR.