Ken Ham vs. Pat Robertson

This has been unfolding. It is a sight to see.

Pat Robertson didn’t exactly call Ken Ham an idiot, but he came close. And Ken Ham didn’t exactly call Pat Robertson un-Christian, but he came close.


From the article:



At least both are famous and reach large audiences. i have noted pat says anti-creationist things in the past.
Ham is the thoughtful one on science. not Pat.
Pat shows me he is not keeping up with evangelical christian creationsm in its organized science division.
Has Pat been to the Museum and ark??
Why not a investigation series on creationism in pats media world!!
most evangelical christians are YEC I think.

Ham has already stated that no amount of scientific evidence will change his mind. That rules Ham out as the thoughtful one.


On recent 700 Club airing, Robertson said the following:

Well, the truth is the dinosaurs were extinct maybe … about 50 billion years ago [ed: Robertson misspoke here], and this planet has been [around] much longer than that,” Robertson asserted. “And there was a course that they were trying to hustle around called creation science that was just nonsense, and it was so embarrassing, so we wanted to make sure we told the truth.”

“You know, this universe that we live in is about 14 billion years old and there’s no question about it,” Robertson claimed. “And we have tremendous geological records and all the rest of it. And that 6,000-year stuff just doesn’t compute. But we, as Christians, we need to know the truth.”

Ham was quick to respond:

“It’s not those of us who take God at His word who are ’embarrassing’ — it’s the other way around!” he wrote on Friday. “Those like Pat Robertson who adopt man’s pagan religion, which includes elements like evolutionary geology based on naturalism (atheism), and add that to God’s word are destructive to the church. This compromise undermines the authority of the infallible word.”

Ham said that buying into the world’s Godless teaching is “a major reason why there’s been (and continues to be) an exodus from the church of the younger generations.”

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Huh, Robertson is being much more thoughtful than I thought possible.

I still hate the guy, though.

In a completely loving kind of way, of course.