Landmark Computer Science Proof Cascades Through Physics and Math | Quanta

This is big.


“Personally, I’m not a mathematician. I don’t understand the original formulation of the Connes embedding conjecture well,” said Natarajan.

I wish I could be smart enough to not understand it well.

Anyway, I thought it interesting this idea of computational complexity, which sounds like big O notation to me. I wonder if ID theorists have tried to determine the computational complexity of “irreducibly complex” structures.


You got it, Big O is a measure of computational time, and is used in the definition of Complexity Classes (P, NP, NPC, NP-Hard, etc.).

MIP* is a Complexity Class I didn’t even know existed until today, and I just learned it was defined in 2003.

I’m going to stop thinking about Complexity Theory now before my brain explodes. :exploding_head:

That explains my ignorance. I taught a lot of O-notation in my Analysis of Algorithms classes but that ended in … uh… 1984. So I’d never heard of MIP.

Mind-blowing stuff.

That’ll be because the Men In Pink wiped your mind…

That’s about the time I was first introduced to the topic too.