Life on Earth 2.0?

Ethan Siegel sounds a lot like Hugh Ross.

This also pertains to the “Fine tuning argument” for God, which relies on an overly narrow definition of the conditions under which life may arise.

New paper discussing probabilities of life on other planets in the light of various assumptions about the strictness of the parameters conform to the one certain instance we have.

I lack imagination, so I am a life as we know it carbon chauvinist. I also think that the focus on the liquid water zone tends to skate past the required long term stability requirements and panoply of cosmic extinction events, some of which may have nearly sterilized the nicely placed planet we are on. So I am partial to a rare, but not necessarily unique earth, and am biased towards a paper with tones down enthusiasm for hundreds of thousands of civilizations in the milky way.

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I am a proton, neutron, electron chauvinist. We are pretty much restricted to the basic components of the Universe.