Hi Is macroevolution possible ?
Is Archaeopteryx proved Macroevolution?

Yes. No.

Can you provide more context?

Hi is Macroevolution possible ?

Yes and wlecome


Separating a population into two does not guarantee the creation of a new species (or even TWO new species).

But once a population is given its own unique experience with mutations and environmental pressures, divergent changes are virtually inevitable.

But for the divergence to become dramatic requires dramatic risks and opportunities in the world around it. The tetrapod mammal that became a whale would not have become a whale if it hadn’t found a way to improve its reproductive success by finding more food in marine environments, or fewer predators in marine environments.

But that was just the beginning. Then it had to find optimum survival conditions within the marine environment itself. Seals and Walruses still have limbs… but over time, whale prototypes started to find ways of living that limbs hindered … so the progressive dwindling of their limbs became a new development.

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