Malaria Vaccine

Obviously, development of vaccine to a protist is tricky, but I can’t help but wonder if this would have happened a lot sooner if malaria were more prominent in the US. Regardless, it’s good to see some progress!


According to Behe’s hypothesis the Intelligent Designer will come by and tweak malaria parasites so the vaccine will be ineffective. Behe’s Designer likes when children die from malaria, that’s why malaria parasites are protected with evolution-impossible guided mutations.

Does Behe ever claim this? The claim I’ve seen is that chloroquine resistance mutations in malaria are an example of the limit of what unguided mutations can accomplish.


IIRC Behe claims that chloroquine resistance mutations are beyond that limit. But I may be mistaken.

That’s not the claim I saw in The Edge of Evolution.

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@glipsnort is right. It is at the limit, not beyond it.