Many Europeans happy to pay church taxes

Interesting statistics. Even many European “nones” are OK supporting churches with their taxes:

@patrick will find this interesting. I find it fascinating how the USA diverged from Europe (for not hard to grasp historical reasons) in developing different ideas about church-and-state separation.


Yes I do find this interesting. Perhaps those “Nones” see value in what the churches are doing with the money like in education, hospitals, social welfare.

I thought that this was interesting:

It should be noted that in Germany and Austria, the share of adults who say they pay the church tax starkly contrasts with official statistics. In Germany, where roughly seven-in-ten people surveyed say they pay the church tax, government data indicates the actual figure is only about a quarter of the adult population. And in Austria, 76% of survey respondents say they pay the tax, compared with the official estimate of about half (official estimates from Austria are for Catholics as reported by the Catholic Church; members of Protestant and Old Catholic denominations are also taxed, but these are a small portion of the population). In other countries, the gaps between self-reported numbers and official statistics are smaller.