Mark your calendars: Total solar eclipse is 4 years from today for USA

April 8, 2024

To help you plan your hotel accommodations, here’s a map of the eclipse totality path.

Austin, Dallas, Indianapolis, Dayton, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Rochester will probably be popular destinations. Many areas will see over four minutes of totality.

Being spring, that date has a high likelihood of non-clear skies (over 55% in various of the areas I considered for my observation point.) So we may want to reserve the Peaceful Science observation plane for that date. (If it’s already been booked, we could use the blimp instead. Oops, probably not enough altitude to get above the clouds. Scratch that blimp idea, @swamidass.) It would only require a few minutes of flight south of St. Louis to reach an excellent observation point. We could follow the totality path all the way to Newfoundland before turning back. It could be a Peaceful Science livestreamed event. @Patrick could provide live color commentary with anecdotes about how religious people down through the ages abused solar eclipses for evil purposes.

It could be a nice way to celebrate the end of COVID-19 shelter-in-place. We could enjoy the very last cans of chick peas and creamed corn, as well as complain about Jared Kushner winning presidential primaries in twelve states. @Dan_Eastwood, my beard should be down to my ankles by then. So I plan to wear it like a turban.


Buy your safety glasses now!

And start writing your books about how the eclipse signals the end of the world based on the Book of Revelation. (I’ve got a phone number for a Harper-Collins editor if anybody wants to get in the queue.)

Maybe we should get you a new avatar??


Plan your eclipse trips here:

Click your favorite and it will put a layer onto Google Earth.

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That happens to be the date that the University of Kentucky wins another National Championship. The eclipse path winds through a large swath of KY, so maybe a big couch burning party is in order.

I used the August 2017 kmz to find the perfect spot to set up my eclipse photo shot. I picked out the Cartier Slough Wildlife Management Area, along the Snake River about 6 miles west of Rexburg Idaho. Very few people and a very clear day.

Here’s a real-time video of the totality, with a good “diamond ring” at the end.

For a difference scale, see this GoPro time laps of the whole eclipse. Watch the Moon’s shadow as it flows from right ro left.

Now to stay alive for four more years…