@Marty and the Genealogical Adam


Are you familiar with @swamidass’ combined approach?: old earth evolved population of humanity… merged with an expelled we novo creation couple Adam & Eve?

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Hi @gbrooks9! I saw the idea above (your post, #18?). I don’t know the evidence or supporting arguments for it yet, and I’m looking forward to finding out.



The basic points are that in 2000 years, with very minor assumptions for low rates of human migration, a given mated pair in 2000 BCE can become ONE of the universal ancestors to everyone alive by the time of the birth of Jesus. This is the power of genealogy … instead of genetics.

So, if one accept a the idea that God could use Old earth and evolution to create a population of evolved humans… as well as his using special creation to create Adam and Eve… then the two branches of humanity can merge once Adam and Eve are expelled from a temporary Eden.

Welcome to Peaceful Science @Marty! Are you the same one that PZ Meyers commented on back in 2005? Are you still and ID advocate?

I’ll look forward to what you think. The key place to look @Marty is here:

And here:

Don’t forget to click on the links within.

Holy cow. You remember that PZ once mentioned a guy named Marty 13 years ago? Lol

Hi Josh. I cringe when I read that old column, but that’s what I understood at the time. I’m truly sorry you found it!

I suppose I am an ID advocate, though we’d need to carefully define ID. I understand it simply to mean that natural processes are inadequate, and clearly intelligence and intentionality have been applied. Life clearly did not originate on its own, and Evolution needed help.

Thank you for the links, and I will look into those after this weekend. Two presentations and an article due this Sunday, so I’m tied up for a few days.



It is a sign of a wisdom and knowledge to change ones mind. It is courageous leadership to explain how we change our mind too, so that others can avoid the mistakes we made.

I’m glad you are here, and I am happy to answer any questions about evolutionary science you have. It really is amazing, and there is not good reason to oppose it that I’ve found. If you want to know more about me, please read: