Michael Cohen: I Paid Liberty University’s IT Guy to Rig Polls in Favor of Trump

I don’t see the relevance of this topic or link to this site. Do you?


Liberty University is a private Christian school which offers it students “science” classes in Biblical Creation, among other things.

How Liberty University Creates Creationists.

The article shows Liberty has little regard for truth and honesty in other areas too.


Liberty University is also the largest recipient of Federal student loans and against LGBTQ students getting equal treatment as students.

What a stupid shenanigan to try and pull. The idioacy abounds. Dishonesty is harder to keep under wraps than anyone figures.

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By following the money, we can learn how YEC is kept alive. Because who other the Liberty University would Jesus want to rig online polls in favor of Donald Trump.

Cohen paid an I.T. guy. A bribe.

Was there some suggestion that if someone takes a bribe, the whole institution is “on the take”?

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